Valentine’s Day in Early Years

February 14, 2019

This week we celebrated Valentine’s Day with all our children, we have enjoyed getting creative with our cards and baking fabulous cakes.

Valentine’s Day in the early years helps promote a child’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED). Here at Paintpots Manchester we promote equality and diversity and use Valentine’s Day to help children express feelings for the ones they love, while also encouraging relationships with people from all backgrounds including race and religion. By promoting positive relationships in our setting, this strives for a better outcome in the child’s life and encourages the children to have a better understanding of social relationships when in nurseries or school environments, which then develop their relationship building for later life.

We introduced baking to our celebrations to encourage basic life skills, including discussion on why our bodies need food as well as the risks to take care for. It also promoted a child’s mathematic skills by measuring and adding ingredients.

We encouraged shape recognition when introducing our crafts by looking at heart and rectangle shapes for our cards, and we introduced colour recognition through the craft activities using a variety of resources including: paints, crayons, chalks and felt tips.

When celebrating any occasion, we ensure children are learning through all the areas of development. We also track every child’s characteristics of early learning (COEL) when engaging in an activity to promote their outcomes. We strive to see children reach their potentials and enjoy watching them achieve what they set out to do.

Here at Paintpots we are widely known for our strong bonds with the children in the setting and our passion to create new bonds. A key person bond is built to ensure a child feels safe and cared for when their parent or carer is not with them. We use Valentine’s Day to join in one-to-one activities for gaining stronger relationships with staff.

We continue this throughout the year by celebrating different countries each month which links to each child’s nationality, and also a variety of religious festivals from around the world.

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Italia Rice
Italia Rice
20:55 30 May 19
My child has been here and its absolutely fab! The staff are so good and the pics they send every daybonto my phone make my day!! Thank you xxread more
15:45 21 Mar 19
Staff seems to be very close to children and that is very important. In addition, the nursery encourage children to engage in messy and sensory play to learn and more
mark pearson
mark pearson
05:21 22 May 18
Sent my step-son here for over 2 years before he started school. Perfect location, great staff and most importantly, he loved it. Only issue was the refurbishment of the building taking place, but they even managed to use that as a learning experience and the kids all loved the builders and diggers opposite!!read more
Megan Davies
Megan Davies
12:41 31 Jan 18
I Sent my little girl here from a small baby and watched her grow in to a confident, bright young lady. I could not praise and thank the staff here enough, they were like our second family. Very relaxed, friendly, homely environment with the children at the centre of everything they more
James Bradley
James Bradley
12:38 27 Jan 18
I sent my child to this Nursery after having sent his 2 older siblings. I work in the City Centre and they love the place, they all did. There are staff that have been there for over 10 years, location is fantastic and whilst the recent renovation works have not been ideal, it hasn't affected the care one bit. Somehow, they even find a way to make activities that involve the construction materials. Can't recommend highly enough!!read more
SharQuita Pemberton
SharQuita Pemberton
15:29 27 Mar 17
Best nursery my daughter has attended. Embarrassed to say but due to domestic issues she has been to 4 nurseries. now that I'm in the clear and can chose any nursery she has started back at this nursery❤️❤️ Kind understanding staff. Very friendly and more
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