Tuff Spots, Do you know what they are? Read on you will be amazed #EarlyYears

June 07, 2019

Day nurseries know about all the cool equipment that kids love. Check out our Tuff Spots.

Stephanie Clare Deputy Manager at Manchester Paintpots Nursery
Stephanie Clare

Here at Paintpots Manchester, we love using tuff spots in our daily play and we use a variety of shapes and sizes to enhance the children’s development and learning. Tuff spots are easy, fun and affordable and can be easily done at home for a stimulated and enjoyable play for your child.

At Paintpots we use Tuff Spots

All children have different interests and when using a tuff spot, these interests can be displayed within it. A couple of ideas we have done here are: using foods to make a farm yard by using different cereals and vegetables as trees and fences, a garden using flowers, a castle with shiny fabric and sand, bug hunting with soil, pebbles and twigs, a dinosaur village with tyres, shaving foam and foods and also a sea world with different coloured icebergs. A tuff spot is also a great way for children and adults to play together and build relationships and bonds.

Paintpots Manchester exciting Tuff Spots

Great for young children and even babies

Younger children and even babies can sit in them with sensory materials such as jelly, gloop or spaghetti as a few examples. Older children can use their tuff spot on a stand so they are able to stand and play alongside others building stories together, even with simple things like cars and trains with chalk roads and track markings drew on them.

Why do we use Tuff Spots?

A tuff spot is an empty canvas and can bring play and learning to any child of any age. Here at Paintpots Manchester, we use them to engage the children and cover all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. All areas can be covered and displayed within them to expand a child’s learning and they can be as simple or as creative as anyone would like; any small world can be incorporated into a tuff spot.

We encourage parents to come into the nursery and check out our Tuff Spots that they can use at home

Tuff spots are fantastic learning aids with so much potential for creativity, exploration and imagination. The children here at Paintpots Manchester really engage in their learning using tuff spots, but they also explore their environment more as they look for tools and resources to expand their play within them.

“My child has been here and its absolutely fab! The staff are so good and the pics they send every day onto my phone make my day!! Thank you xx”

Happy Manchester Nursery Parent

Come and visit us at Paintpots Manchester

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Paintpots Manchester provides the highest standards of child care close to the city’s businesses, civic buildings and universities. We have a great relationship with our parents and we love meeting prospective parents. We can offer you 10% discount on a full time place and an amazing environment for your child. Book a showaround

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Italia Rice
Italia Rice
20:55 30 May 19
My child has been here and its absolutely fab! The staff are so good and the pics they send every daybonto my phone make my day!! Thank you xxread more
15:45 21 Mar 19
Staff seems to be very close to children and that is very important. In addition, the nursery encourage children to engage in messy and sensory play to learn and develop.read more
mark pearson
mark pearson
05:21 22 May 18
Sent my step-son here for over 2 years before he started school. Perfect location, great staff and most importantly, he loved it. Only issue was the refurbishment of the building taking place, but they even managed to use that as a learning experience and the kids all loved the builders and diggers opposite!!read more
Megan Davies
Megan Davies
12:41 31 Jan 18
I Sent my little girl here from a small baby and watched her grow in to a confident, bright young lady. I could not praise and thank the staff here enough, they were like our second family. Very relaxed, friendly, homely environment with the children at the centre of everything they do.read more
James Bradley
James Bradley
12:38 27 Jan 18
I sent my child to this Nursery after having sent his 2 older siblings. I work in the City Centre and they love the place, they all did. There are staff that have been there for over 10 years, location is fantastic and whilst the recent renovation works have not been ideal, it hasn't affected the care one bit. Somehow, they even find a way to make activities that involve the construction materials. Can't recommend highly enough!!read more
SharQuita Pemberton
SharQuita Pemberton
15:29 27 Mar 17
Best nursery my daughter has attended. Embarrassed to say but due to domestic issues she has been to 4 nurseries. now that I'm in the clear and can chose any nursery she has started back at this nursery❤️❤️ Kind understanding staff. Very friendly and professional.read more
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