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Paintpots Nurseries serve Manchester and Cheshire with 3 day nursery locations. Conveniently located close to residential and business areas, our nurseries offer your child a superb learning and development environment.

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  • Keeping You Informed

    As part of our aim to become an eco-friendly business we also pride ourselves on keeping up to date with modern technology. It is important that all parents and carers are kept up to date with their child’s development within the nursery and as nursery practitioners it is part of our role to record your child’s development.

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  • Online Systems

    Our online systems record all children’s development on a user friendly system for parents, carers and nursery staff. The system works using the Pre-Birth to Three Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence. This allows the individual nurseries to add all children to the room they attend and also to their allocated key worker. This will be done all on your child’s first day. All we need is the child’s date of birth and the parents email address… simple! From this your child will be observed on a regular basis, each time an observation is added you will be sent a notification to alert you. This system also gives you the opportunity to feedback on your child’s observations.


    Our software allows all parents/carers to view all the daily activities and accounts etc. via a simple APP from their smart devices/phones. No more little pieces of paper with information, everything from activities to sleep, nappy or food patterns can be viewed at parent’s convenience.

  • Communicating With Parents

    All of our branches use an online email and text system to communicate with our parents with ease. In modern technology an email is quicker, eco-friendly and more cost effective. The emails can be sent to both parents and can also be accessed again using individual log in details. Text messages can be sent in emergency circumstances such as nursery closure, heating issues or anything else that may affect the day to day running of the nursery. We can also offer a paper copy if email is not suitable for individual families.

    See for yourselves

    Click on this link to find out more about our software system

  • iConnect and Parent Zone

    iConnect is a digital learning journey log application of each child and has many benefits.

    Secure login protocols

    For current parents and staff, there is a secure login area, accessed via the homepage. The secure login area, which is protected in the same way as online banking using SSL Certificate enabled encryption, allows parents and staff to have a two-way conversation and view photos of children taking part in activities.

    • 2 way sharing of information and development of the child, including home images to nursery.
    • Digital uploads such as video, sounds and images including their artwork.
    • The staff are with the child to update their journal in an instant without having to set aside separate administration time from the child.
    • Mapping progress of a child aligned to EYFS framework areas quickly and easily including the compilation of the 2 year assessment check.
    • Compatible with many digital devices.
    • Record activities and be viewed anywhere and anytime by parents/ carers via ParentZone.
  • Paintpots provides care for children from 3 months to 5 years

  • Parent Zone

    This has been designed for parents/carers to have easy access to information on the child with our staff. This will enhance the child experience by sharing activities, key information and being part of their day!

    Parents can view their children’s learning journeys

    View descriptions, photos and video of every WOW! moment – and add comments back for the nursery staff.

    Parents can access an account statement showing bills & payments
    Parents can access their email history to allow them to resend themselves invoices/newsletters or daily reports
    ParentZone also allows your parents to update their personal information
  • Allows the parents to contribute to their own children’s learning journey

    See what their child enjoys most at nursery – so they can encourage even further development at home. Upload their own pictures directly from your phone camera to contribute to their child’s learning journey and bring alive interests outside nursery. Now everyone can share the same complete picture!

    Their weekly or monthly bookings

    Request extra nursery sessions, check your bills or settle invoices straight from their phone, tablet or computer.