EYFS for Parents

May 20, 2019

We understand our curriculum may be complicated to understand when it is new to you, so here is a little information to help you understand the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

The EYFS is for Early Years Practitioners and sets out standards for children from birth to 5 years for their learning, development and welfare. It explains the knowledge and understanding children need to learn, plus the skills to support their healthy development. The EYFS is mandatory for all Early Years providers, and it ensures for quality and consistency in Early Years settings.

The EYFS is separated into 7 areas of learning. There are 3 prime areas: Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED), Communication and Language Development (CL) and Physical Development (PD). There are 4 specific areas of learning which are: Maths (M), Literacy (L), Understanding of the World (UTW) and Expressive art and design (EAD). You may have noticed these abbreviations when looking at a child’s learning journal (iconnect/tapestry) within their observations. Under each area are aspects e.g. Literacy aspects are Reading and Writing.

Throughout the EYFS under each area and aspect, there are age bands with statements that practitioner’s link children’s observations to. These age bands are: 0-11 months, 8-20 months, 16-26 months, 22-36 months, 30-50 months and 40-60 months. These age bands are guidelines for practitioner’s to ensure each child is at the stage of development they are expected to be at as they grow. As they are only guidelines, the age bands overlap as every child grows and develops at different rates. Practitioners use these age bands to track the children’s learning and development, and it supports them to understand if a child falls behind or is exceeding in their development. Practitioners use these age bands and statements to plan next steps to progress each child individually depending on the age and stage they are at.

The age bands in addition with refinements, set the baselines of each individual child as a starting point to progress from. The refinements are: Emerging: your child is working below the expected level, Developing: your child is working at the level expected for his age, Secure: your child is working above the expected level. The refinements also show how children are succeeding in each age band and area, and how they are progressing.

How you can help at home.

Parents/carers have a very important role in their children’s development. All of the everyday situations that happen at home and all of the experiences they get to face, impact children’s learning. In addition, when working in partnership with your Early Years setting, it can build a bigger and better foundation for your children’s development and learning and have a positive impact.

Here at Paintpots Manchester we share all your children’s experiences, development goals and next steps, assessments and achievements for you to continue at home for extra support in succeeding. We also encourage parents to continue learning at home with our parent packs with activities in to take home to do, reading sacks and by having Parent evenings to discuss potential steps to take at home.

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20:55 30 May 19
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Staff seems to be very close to children and that is very important. In addition, the nursery encourage children to engage in messy and sensory play to learn and develop.read more
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mark pearson
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Sent my step-son here for over 2 years before he started school. Perfect location, great staff and most importantly, he loved it. Only issue was the refurbishment of the building taking place, but they even managed to use that as a learning experience and the kids all loved the builders and diggers opposite!!read more
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James Bradley
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I sent my child to this Nursery after having sent his 2 older siblings. I work in the City Centre and they love the place, they all did. There are staff that have been there for over 10 years, location is fantastic and whilst the recent renovation works have not been ideal, it hasn't affected the care one bit. Somehow, they even find a way to make activities that involve the construction materials. Can't recommend highly enough!!read more
SharQuita Pemberton
SharQuita Pemberton
15:29 27 Mar 17
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