6 Points That Parents Of Toddlers Should Know

November 03, 2020

No one will try arguing with you that raising a toddler isn’t a difficult job, but knowing the right things can help you raise a happy child. Here’s what parents of toddlers need to know.

Toddlerhood can be dominated by words such as stubborn, tyrannical, and tantrums. While raising a toddler can be a rollercoaster ever on the best of days, it is one of the most precious times you will miss later.

It’s also an important phase in your child’s development, but it can be a tricky time for parents unless you are an expert in child development and care, so here are our top 6 things to keep in mind about raising a toddler.

Dealing with a fussy eater

Is your child a fussy eater? You’re far from alone in this as most toddlers can throw tantrums when it comes to eating or finishing their meals.

One of the best tricks to ensure your toddler is eating the right foods at the right time is to split the meal into five parts instead of three big meals. Coming up with a fun way to feed them will always be helpful, too.

Do not set too many rules

Setting strict rules might often feel like the need of the hour, but more often than not it doesn’t always work. Frequent scolding could make them arrogant and prone to quickly angering. Try to achieve a balance to keep their behaviour in check.

Notice their behaviour

Toddlers can be very naughty and it’s important to reprimand them for bad behaviour. But you also need to appreciate and praise them when they behave nicely. Scolding them without ever praising them for anything means they might not replicate the good behaviour later. Motivate good behaviour by praising them.

Set a sleep schedule

Toddlers must have a proper sleep schedule for their development. Make sure your child’s bedtime is set and pay attention to the amount of sleep your child gets. A toddler will need approximately 11 to 14 hours of sleep a day to be healthy and fit.

Showing affection is important

Play, talk and laugh with your child. It will nurture your bond with them, and help you relax. It may be important to set schedules and instil good behaviour, but it is as equally important to show them affection.

Listen to them carefully

Parents also have lives away from their children, and busy schedules can often mean the children can be unintentionally ignored. Children crave attention, and when they don’t get it they tend to get irritated.

Try to make time to listen to what your child has to say, as it will make them feel appreciated and encourage them to express their ideas and feelings.

There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect parent’. Your job is to raise a happy and healthy child who knows how to care and behave properly. It is essential to know how to help your child grow up into a self-sufficient and happy adult.

If you need a private nursery in Manchester for your toddler, then contact us today.

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the little workshop sk1
22:22 01 Nov 19
Wow!!!! Were to begin.. this is by far the best nursery I could have sent my children too. The staff are extremely... friendly helpful and ensure the children are cared for and they learnt so much. My children settled really well and have both enjoyed being here. Seeing them so happy and always excited for the next day at paintpots Manchester makes me feel so at ease leaving them. They are always involving parents in everything and make you feel like one big family. A massive thank you to everyone who works there and all you have done. Looking forward to extending our family into their welcoming nursery again in the future.read more
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Both my children and Went this nursery would definitely recommend!! Great activities and lovely staff.
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Strong Mama
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Lovely nursery. My son went in for 2 days but the staff were great and genuine. Will definitely be returning when I... start my second year of studies next year and my son is 2. Ideal location. Lovely staff. Thank you everyone. You've been greatread more
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My child has been here and its absolutely fab! The staff are so good and the pics they send every daybonto my phone... make my day!! Thank you xxread more
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Staff seems to be very close to children and that is very important. In addition, the nursery encourage children to... engage in messy and sensory play to learn and develop.read more
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mark pearson
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Sent my step-son here for over 2 years before he started school. Perfect location, great staff and most importantly, he... loved it. Only issue was the refurbishment of the building taking place, but they even managed to use that as a learning experience and the kids all loved the builders and diggers opposite!!read more
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Megan Davies
12:41 31 Jan 18
I Sent my little girl here from a small baby and watched her grow in to a confident, bright young lady. I could not... praise and thank the staff here enough, they were like our second family. Very relaxed, friendly, homely environment with the children at the centre of everything they do.read more
James Bradley
James Bradley
12:38 27 Jan 18
I sent my child to this Nursery after having sent his 2 older siblings. I work in the City Centre and they love the... place, they all did. There are staff that have been there for over 10 years, location is fantastic and whilst the recent renovation works have not been ideal, it hasn't affected the care one bit. Somehow, they even find a way to make activities that involve the construction materials. Can't recommend highly enough!!read more
SharQuita Pemberton
SharQuita Pemberton
15:29 27 Mar 17
Best nursery my daughter has attended. Embarrassed to say but due to domestic issues she has been to 4 nurseries. now... that I'm in the clear and can chose any nursery she has started back at this nursery❤️❤️ Kind understanding staff. Very friendly and professional.read more
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